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The current distribution includes only the LDMS monitoring, transport, and storage components.
Currently only LDMS is released. Source code and documentation are all hosted at: [http://github.com/ovis-hpc/ovis github.com/ovis-hpc]
=== LDMS ===
* Obtain LDMS from [http://github.com/ovis-hpc/ovis github.com/ovis-hpc] -  Includes wiki and man pages for plugins and commands.
* Packagers seeking to create binary packages for specific platforms should visit [http://github.com/baallan/distribution github/baallan/distribution] - Includes rpm configure/build scripts and spec files. Packagers should ignore the deprecated (and soon to be gone) rpm scripts and spec file templates in the ovis/packaging directory.
<!-- * See [[LDMS FAQ]] - Install and QuickStart Instructions -->
<!-- * Recent Release Notes can be found at github -->
<!-- * [[CRAY-LDMS]] - Additional install notes for Cray systems -->
<!-- * [[LDMS_ReleaseNotes]] - Additional information on the LDMS releases -->
<!-- * Plugin API information for LDMS version 2.x is at [[PluginAPIv2]]. -->
=== LDMS Documentation, Tutorials, and Publications ===
* [https://github.com/ovis-hpc/ovis-publications/wiki| ovis wiki]
<!-- [[Media: LDMSV3Tutorial_SAND20175153.pdf| LDMS Version 3 Tutorial]] and [[Media: LDMSV3_DemoMaterial.tar| Demo Material]] -->
=== LDMS Data Collectors ===
LDMS gathers metric data using sampler plugin libraries. The LDMS source code includes a number of production and experimental samplers.
The exact plugins available vary with operating environment. See [[LDMS 3.x Plugins]] or [[LDMS 4.x Plugins]] for details.
=== OVIS Research Data ===
=== OVIS Research Data ===

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Currently only LDMS is released. Source code and documentation are all hosted at: github.com/ovis-hpc

OVIS Research Data

Public data sets from OVIS-related tools (LDMS, syslog, baler) are indexed here.

The data files are not available on this server due to the data volume.

name format url report notes
skybridge-2019-1 compressed CSV and other files tbd Two weeks in the life of skybridge Media:SAND2019-4915.pdf 42GB; contact author to arrange a transfer until url is posted here.