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| tsampler || ?
| tsampler || ?
| store_sos || Scalable Object Store storage prototype

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You can list the stores and samplers and usage hints for your LDMS 3.4 installation with (typically)


This will list the compiled and installed plugins and their options for use in the LDMS configuration language. This may include experimental plugins. Generally, production plugins will have a man page, for example to understand the meminfo plugin, try

 man Plugin_meminfo

Unfortunately, the man pages may not be installed on your system or they may not yet be complete. If anything in the table below provokes a question, please send it to the ovis-help mailing list described elsewhere.

Production Sampler Plugins

Below is a summary of the plugins that can be considered production quality in release 3.4.4 for commodity Linux environments.

name metric set content
edac memory error checking from /sys/devices/system/edac metrics
jobid Currently running job id and user (requires loose cooperation from queuing system, e.g. slurm)
lnet_stats /proc/sys/lnet/stats metrics, particularly memory
lustre2_client Lustre client metrics
meminfo /proc/meminfo values
procinterrupts interrupt counters (very large datasets on many-core machines)
procnetdev /proc/net tcp interface device counters (excludes rdma traffic/errors)
procnfs nfs v3 client statistics (calls, bytes)
procstat /proc/stat counters (includes cpu tick)
sysclassib infiniband counters and rates (includes rdma traffic/errors)
vmstat /proc/vmstat counters

Production Store Plugins

name output format notes
store_csv CSV files requires the size of metric sets of a given name (schema) be identical across all nodes.
store_flatfile 1-metric files narrow CSV file per metric with timestamp and source columns. Tolerates conflicting schema definitions.
strore_rabbitv3 AMQP messages feeds all metrics to single AMQP broker via librabbitmq 0.8.

Vendor specific

Below is a summary of the plugins that can be considered production quality in release 3.4.4 for CLE6

aries_mmr/nic_mmr/rtr_mmr Cray XC aries network counters
cray_system_sampler wide variety of Cray XC metric

These also work on appropriate platforms

cray_power_sampler  ?
kgnilnd kernel-space sampler for network data
msr_interlagos AMD CPU event counters


all_example (tutorial/testing)
array_example arrays (tutorial/testing)
clock ticker (tutorial/testing)
fptrans floating point transmission test sets (testing)
generic_sampler (tutorial/testing)
synthetic generates synthetic waveform data sets (testing)

Need TLC, but can work under some circumstances

procdiskstats  ?
procsensors temperatures sensor
sampler_atasmart SMART counters from devices

Retiring if champion not self-identified

hadoop ?
knc_sampler knights corner
knc_sampler_copy ditto
knc_sampler_derived ditto


hfclock high frequency clock
perfevent Process perf event counters
power_sampler Power API 1
rapl PAPI counters
spapi PAPI counters
switchx infiniband switch port data
test_sampler  ?
timer_base  ?
tsampler  ?
store_sos Scalable Object Store storage prototype