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Currently only LDMS is released. Source code and documentation are all hosted at:

OVIS Research Data

Public data sets from OVIS-related tools (LDMS, syslog, baler) are indexed here.

The data files are not available on this server due to the data volume.

  • Name: skybridge-2019-1
  • Format: compressed CSV and other files
  • URL: TBD
  • Report: Two weeks in the life of skybridge SAND2019-4915.pdf
  • Notes: 42GB; contact author to arrange a transfer until url is posted here

Quick Docs

For an overview of the LDMS architecture and data, see:

For an overview of Baler and its application, see:

Dataset Releases

The ASCR-funded exascale resilience project Holistic Measurement Driven Resilience: Combining Operational Fault and Failure Measurements and Fault Injection for Quantifying Fault Detection and Impact releases system datasets in support of resilience research.


Cielo Fault Injection Dataset 2016
S. Jha, V. Formicola, A. Bonnie, M. Mason, D. Chen, F. Deng, A. Gentile, J. Brandt, L. Kaplan, J. Repik, J. Enos, M. Showerman, A. Greiner, Z. Kalbarczyk, R. Iyer, and W. Kramer. LA-UR-19-22749, SAND2019-3531 O, Mar 2019.


Mutrino Dataset 2/15-6/16 (12/16 Release) (About)
J. Brandt, A. Gentile, and J. Repik. SAND2016-12310 O, Dec 2016

Mutrino Dataset 2/15-5/15 (About)
J. Brandt, A. Gentile, and J. Repik. SAND2016-2449 O, Mar 2016