LDMS Release Notes

This website contains archival information. For updates, see https://github.com/ovis-hpc/ovis-wiki/wiki


  • LDMS Releases and Release Notes also available at github.com/ovis-hpc
  • See usage examples for samplers and stores at LDMS FAQ. Configuration and usage information can be also be found in the man pages.



Version Info:

  • No current VOTD release (master is the same as the current release).

Current Release and Current TOSS Release


  • v2.4.2 First available 05.22.2015
  • TOSS version to be released imminently
  • NOTE: starting with this release, release notes to be found on github site only and no longer included here
  • Available at github.com/ovis-hpc

Previous Releases


Version Info:

  • v2.4.1 First available 04.28.2015
  • This is the release version from v.2.5.0 VOTD
  • v2.4.1-TOSS in 5/2015 TOSS
  • Available at github.com/ovis-hpc

New Features (primarily a bug fix release):

  • Log level tag accuracy improved. -q DEBUG vs -q INFO vs -q ERROR vs -q QUIET now produce significantly different volumes of information.
  • Logging data from variable core count systems (hyperthread or downed cores) now supported by procstatutil2 plugin with ‘maxcpu’ argument; see ‘man Plugin_procstatutil2’.
    • Additional man page and test driver for procstatutil2 are included.
  • More informative errors when data set mismatches are detected due to hardware variations.
  • IB sampler reenabled in the default TOSS build, but still disabled for desktop.
  • Potential buffer overflow in ldmsctl fixed.


  • store_csv output is now column ordered in the sequence metrics are registered by the sampler plugins rather than reversed.


Version Info:

  • v2.4.0 First available 02.11.2015
  • Current TOSS Release
  • This is the release version from v2.3 VOTD (first available 01.24.2015)
  • v2.4.0-TOSS Available in 4/2015 TOSS
  • Available at github.com/ovis-hpc

New Features:

  • Log levels. Dynamic change of logging levels enabled via ldmsctl.
    • NOTE: -q flag previously denoting quiet (no) logging is now used to indicate the log level. If upgrading from a previous version and you were using -q before, update it to -q QUIET for this version.
  • Cray Aries supported in the UGNI transport.
  • In UGNI transport, user configurable optional check of node state via rya before initiating communications.
  • cray_system_sampler refactored into: cray_gemini_r_sampler, cray_gemini_d_sampler, and cray_aries_r_sampler.
  • GPU metrics available in the cray_gemini_r/d_sampler.
  • Subgroups within the cray_xxx_samplers can be selected on/off in the configuration step.
  • store_csv and store_derived_csv can be configured to manage rollover of their output files.
  • IB sampler (w/ associated includes) no longer in the default build (i.e., –enable-sysclassib).
  • New set of RHEL init scripts supporting (lib)genders for cluster deployment.
  • Misc internal updates.


  • This version is INCOMPATIBLE with v2.2.0 and previous. Please update the code on both your samplers and aggregators.
  • As in the previous release, libraries are built into both <installdir>/lib(64) and in <installdir>/lib(64)/ovis-ldms. If upgrading from a older versions, you may have to update your LD_LIBRARY_PATH, LDMS_PLUGIN_PATH, etc in your scripts accordingly.


Version Info:

  • v 2.2.0 / tag v2.2.0. LDMS version in TOSS v 2.2-6. (09.18.14)

New Features:

  • RPM Packaging
  • Authentication
  • example init scripts
  • man pages
  • new version reporting flags for ldmsd, ldmsctl, and ldmsctl querying a remote ldmds
  • misc internal updates


  • This version is INCOMPATIBLE with any previous releases. Please update the code on both your samplers and aggregators.

All versions below are backwards compatible for samplers and aggregators:


  • SHA: 02b34b4
  • FIX: store_derived_csv.c: fix erroneous return code from parsing config file introduced in 7ed12ee. Would result in no data nor header output.


  • SHA: 58acd6
  • sampler procsensors.c – support multiple directory paths for sysfs sources


  • SHA: 7ed12ee1d47d5
  • Additional packaging (RPM) support
  • Change to cray_system_sampler alternate calculation for current_freemem (service nodes)

07.10.14 (tag 2017.07.10)

  • SHA: ed69926b
  • FIX for deprecated function call in ldms/src/samplers/procstatutil.c