LDMS Metric Definitions

This website contains archival information. For updates, see https://github.com/ovis-hpc/ovis-wiki/wiki

Cray LDMS Metrics

Cray XC specific samplers are used on large machines like Trinity and Blue Waters. We hope some day to have a tabulation of the Cray metrics and references to the relevant Cray documentation here. In the meanwhile, Cray LDMS users will find many metrics have the same names and definitions as the Linux LDMS metrics.

Linux LDMS Metrics

The production commodity clusters running LDMS generally collect Linux generic and file system specific metric sets. Most of the metrics tabulated here are documented in Linux man pages, the Linux kernel source, or the Lustre source and documentation.

Corrections and additions: If you find something that needs adding or revising in the following table, please mail the suggested text to ovis-help@sandia.gov, Subject: ldms metrics catalog. This table is machine generated.

This tabulated definitions formerly here have been moved to the spreadsheet linked here.