V4Sampler Status

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A number of samplers from v2 and v3 need updating or other change of status in v4 LDMS.

Here we catalog what's happening and any key rationale.

Fixed and tested

  • everything under cray_system_sampler
  • everything under aries_mmr
  • dvs_sampler
  • msr_interlagos
  • meminfo
  • array_example
  • kgnilnd
  • vmstat
  • Procinterrupts - NOTE: This may want to be updated to use arrays
  • procnetdev
  • procnfs
  • Procdiskstats - NOTE: Did not check the values
  • Lnet_stats

Did, compiled, but cannot test

  • procsensors [Ben to update base, longer term investigate configurability of data sources]
  • Sysclassib - NOTE: this has warnings about use of a static var in an inline function
  • Llnl/edac.c [Ben to update]

Various example or test samplers. Did, compiled, but cannot test

  • All_example
  • clock
  • fptrans
  • synthetic

Did, but cannot build

  • Rapl
  • Sampler_atasmart
  • Perfevent – has warning about ioctl

Cannot do (or not applicable). Authors will have to do these. SEE NOTES WITHIN:

  • Cray_power_sampler
  • Generic_sampler
  • Hadoop - should this be retired ?
  • Hfclock
  • Job_info
  • Job_info_slurm
  • Knc_sampler – all of these. I suggest we kill them
  • Ldms_jobid – do we replace this with job_info?
  • Lustre – note if lustre gets changed, will have to see if this affects the cray sampler, since it uses the lustre build.
  • Papi – because I think this is getting replaced
  • Power_sampler
  • Procstat
  • Switchx
  • Test_sampler (this is a testsampler)
  • Timer_base
  • Tsampler
  • Variable (this is a testsampler)